Secondaries & Resource Utilization Group

Group Head
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    Dr. Abhilash .

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The Secondary & Resource Utilization Group is a multidisciplinary group providing practical, economical and technically innovative solution for mineral, metallurgical and other industrial secondaries/wastes. The group activities encompasses the whole range of activity starting from basic research to process development, and pilot scale trials to DPR preparation for valorisation of waste and secondaries.  The major activity includes product development by geopolymerisation, mechanical activation to alter reactivity of materials, bio-metallurgy, ceramic processing and extraction of valuable metals from secondaries (mine waste, process waste, batteries, slags, etc).

Major Facilities

  •    Pilot plant for geopolymer product
  •    Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  •    BET Surface Area Analyzer
  •    Isothermal Conduction Calorimeter
  •    Ball Mill
  •    Eccentric Vibratory Mill
  •    Jet Mill
  •    Attrition Mill
  •    Automatic Compression Testing Machine
  •    Motorised Material-cum-Biological Microscope
  •    Bench Scale leaching Set-up
  •    Large Scale Leaching Set-up (5-10kg)
  •    2.0L Parr Pressure Autoclave
  •    Column Leaching Set-up
  •    Ultracentrifuge
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