Materials Engineering Division

Group Leaders

The main research perused by this division is developing an understanding of the material and alloy’s properties, which includes room temperature as well as high-temperature behaviour. Iron-, aluminium- and nickel-based alloys are most studied alloys by this research division. State of the art research facilities for microstructure and structure characterisation, Creep, fatigue and high strain rate deformation properties and advanced facilities for alloy processing are used by this group as a means to their research. All the above research activities are sub-grouped into four major research groups; a) Materials Processing, b) Microstructural Engineering, c) Materials Mechanics and d) Corrosion Engineering.

Materials Processing


Scientists of this group are engaged in Designing of new alloys and their subsequent advanced processing to enhance/optimise the properties. Research focuses on the development of Al-based foam, wear resistant steels and Al composites. This group is also contributing to nations societal mission e.g. Artisan brass melting, efficient ruler melting furnace etc.

Microstructural Engineering


The research focus of this group is structural characterisation of materials at various length scales.  Scientists of this group are pursuing research in the quest of developing ultra-high-strength steels, e.g. Nano pearlitic steels, nano-bainite steels, Dual/complex multiphase steels etc. as well as futuristic materials like High Entropy Alloys and processes like Dissimilar metal joining. Several State-of-the-art characterisation facilities are available with this group.

Materials Mechanics


Fatigue & Fracture and Creep behaviour studies of super alloys and super critical boiler materials are being looked at by this research group. Component integrity evaluation and remaining life assessment of structure component have been the main research activity for the scientist of this group.

Corrosion Engineering


Understanding the corrosion mechanisms of metals & alloys and protection are the research focus of this group. Corrosion research at ambient & high-temperature environment stressed/ cyclic stressed situations, and flowing fluids & atmospheric conditions, are actively being pursued with respect to material’s resistance or environmental aggressivity. The currently ongoing corrosion investigations at the group are related to oil & gas, thermal power & nuclear plants, steel, chemical, home appliances and pharmaceutical industries.